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MeterPlugs Announces Loudness Penalty Studio Desktop App

Loudness Penalty Studio screenshot
Loudness Penalty Studio

VANCOUVER: April 1st, 2024 - MeterPlugs today announced the release of Loudness Penalty Studio, a new desktop application for visualizing the effects of loudness matching (normalization) in online streaming services, and optimizing your music accordingly.

Loudness Penalty Studio builds on the functionality found in LoudnessPenalty.com and the Loudness Penalty plugin by offering support for loudness matching entire albums or playlists and by offering an intuitive, patent-pending "Loudness View." The Loudness View allows you to quickly and easily visualize the loudness attributes of your audio, and the effects of loudness matching across the most popular online streaming services: Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

Mastering engineer Ian Shepherd, who developed Loudness Penalty Studio with MeterPlugs, says the application gives an invaluable new perspective on loudness, loudness matching, and how they influence the way we hear.

"The most important thing about Loudness Penalty isn't really the number. It's how the music might sound as a result of that number, in comparison to everything else," says Shepherd. "The most powerful strategy is to listen to your music in context, with matched loudness, as it will be heard most often online. Loudness Penalty Studio makes it super-easy to do that and get the very best results. If you're happy with how things sound in comparison to your favorite reference tracks, there is no penalty!"

"The original idea of Loudness Penalty Studio was simply to be able to measure and compare large groups of files at once, but it has evolved into much more than that," explains Ian Kerr from MeterPlugs. "The Loudness View displays a comprehensive set of loudness statistics for any group of audio files at a glance - in a unique, intuitive way. Building, saving and previewing custom playlists of albums and reference tracks can reveal so much more than just the raw Loudness Penalty values themselves."

Loudness Penalty Studio is available immediately for macOS and Windows and runs as a native desktop application. Its retail price is 149 USD but it is currently available at a 30% introductory discount from www.meterplugs.com/loudness-penalty-studio.

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