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Ian Shepherd's Dynameter $99

See the dynamics of your music, in realtime.

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How Does it Work?

See Dynameter in action.

Stop Worrying About Loudness, Start Working With Dynamics

With Dynameter, you can...

Achieve competitive loudness on any platform
Achieve optimal dynamics for online streaming.
Optimize the punch and power of your audio
Measure the best sounding music out there, and match it.
Instantly assess the dynamics of your music
See how dynamic your audio is at a glance.
Choose your target dynamics profile
Choose a suitable preset or your own custom setting.
Stop worrying about loudness
Dynamic is the new loud!
Succeed with dynamics
Gain an intuitive feel for optimal levels of compression and limiting.
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a superbly focused metering tool that helps enormously in establishing the optimum dynamics for any genre and platform Hugh Robjohns (Sound On Sound Magazine)

Is That a Waveform?

No. So what exactly does Dynameter show?


Dynameter displays a measurement called PSR - the difference between the peak level and the loudness. Higher PSR readings are typically found with more dynamic recordings, whereas heavily limited or clipped material usually shows lower PSR values. Dynameter measures the PSR in realtime, and also displays a colour-coded history graph, giving you an intuitive snapshot view of the dynamic profile of your music.

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an essential tool for assessing the way music finds a place in the loudness managed streaming world Bill Lacey (Resolution Magazine)

Dynameter vs. TT Meter

What's the difference?

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Dynameter will feel very comfortable for users of the TT Meter - we've deliberately tuned the results to make sure they're as intuitive as possible. There are differences, though. The TT Meter uses plain RMS values for its "DR" readings, whereas Dynameter's PSR readings use the more sophisticated ITU loudness standard. For audio with a balanced frequency response, the results will often be similar.


What's the word on the street?

Photo of Norberto Cuevas
I instantly loved this plugin. Much more than useful, it's really addictive, and for sure will win a place with many engineers. Dynameter will never be turned off on my mastering sessions! Norberto Cuevas
Photo of Sigurdór Guðmundsson
Absolutely brilliant! Easy to use and gives you an instant and clear overview of the dynamics (in the form of short-term peak-to-loudness ratio) at any given moment + the whole recording, in real time. Really useful. Sigurdór Guðmundsson
Photo of Ian Stewart
Dynameter is great! It's like a zoom lens for the dynamics of my music; I can see what's going on measure by measure, or zoom out and get an overview of the whole song or album! Ensuring dynamic consistency and compliance has never been so straightforward. Ian Stewart


  • Select a dynamic profile "target"
  • Presets for getting started
  • 90 minute PSR history
  • Zoom history in/out
  • Numeric PSR reading


Mac and Windows 32/64-bit compatible.

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When the client heard it, they commented that it 'popped' and 'had so much space' compared to the previous mix. Now I use it on every track I work on. Audio Plugin Guy


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  • 60 day money-back guarantee
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