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How loud?

Ever wonder, "how loud should my music be?" Many people prefer louder music--that's how the loudness wars started--but too much "loudness processing" can do more harm than good... Squashed, dull, flat sound--or even pumping and distortion. Now, with Perception, you can zero in on your music's loudness "sweet spot".

Better? Or just louder?

Loudness changes our perception of music. As a mastering engineer, you must constantly ask yourself, "Is this really better? Or just louder?" Making accurate, impartial judgements about this has always been a key skill of the mastering engineer, which can take years to learn. Until now...

Loudness deception

Perception allows you to hear through “loudness deception” and make truly impartial, accurate decisions about the best possible sound for your music--quickly and easily. You can instantly bypass entire FX chains to make A/B comparisons of EQ settings, compression and more. Even better, Perception will level-match and sync your sources so that "loudness deception" and plugin delay do not influence your decisions.

Movie icon. Getting Started...

How does it work?

Simple. First, insert the Perception Source plugin before the FX chain you want to A/B test. Second, insert the Perception Controller plugin after the FX chain. Now you can toggle Perception’s Bypass FX button to compare your music with and without the FX chain. Then press Balance and Sync to level-match and sync the sources.

Movie icon. Why Loudness Matching is Crucial...

Does your music stack up?

Now you can hear how your music compares to that song you've been hearing on the radio. How do the loudness levels compare? Do they have the same dynamic range? What happens if you add some compression? Mastering is iterative--tweak, compare and tweak some more. Perception speeds up the process so that you can quickly nail down the sound you're going for.

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  • Bypass entire FX chains
  • Fast A/B testing
  • Loudness matching
  • Plugin delay compensation
  • Peak to loudness ratio display
  • Dynamic range tweaking
  • Snapshots

What's included?

  • AAX plugin for Pro Tools 10.3.6+ or 11 (Mac/Win)
  • Audio Unit plugin (Mac)
  • VST plugin (Mac/Win)
  • All plugins are 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Perception User Guide


  • Mac OS X 10.5 or greater (Intel only)
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8


If Perception doesn't knock your socks off, ditch it, and get your hard earned cash back. We'll give you 60 days to fall in love with it. Heck, we'll probably return your money even after the 60 days :)

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Quit guessing how loud your music should be. Perception enables you to find the best possible answer to the eternal question "How loud?"-- for any music, in any digital audio workstation.

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